The Evangelou brothers both had points to prove on Saturday night and the Enfield pair delivered in emphatic fashion at York Hall.

Chris 'The Flash' beat Andrei Hramyka (10-13-3) by first round knockout after making the step-up to welterweight. Andreas 'The Ace' had already knocked out Ricards Bolotniks (2-2) in the third, in what was his first bout since November due to illness.

Reflecting on his maiden win since making the step up, Chris said: "I did feel he had more weight and power than I'm used to. I'm quick at moving but my style with Don Charles has been that I'm not running around the ring so I'm taking a lot shots on my glove.

"I did feel the power and the weight difference in the shots - I had to really stand my ground. I was really looking for some big shots."

He continued: "Everyone says it doesn't matter what people think of you but it does matter. Every single movement is seen.

"I can really relate it to football and Lionel Messi. You don't hear his name for 20 minutes but then he does something and it's all forgotten. In boxing, the spotlight is on you and every single second is analysed and scrutinised.

"Everything you do is seen, so you really do want to put on a big show," added the 28-year-old.

"If it had gone to the second or third round he might have been in trouble, so it was probably lucky it only lasted one round."

For Andreas, Latvian Bolotniks provided a stern test: "It was really good [to win]. He was probably my toughest opponent and both his wins have been by first round knockout and I could see why. He came to win but I was definitely better than him.

"His shoulders were big and he was a big, tough, strong Eastern European guy. It was good to face that kind of opponent though because he was the toughest guy I've faced yet," admitted the 30-year-old.

"He was awkward, he had decent style and he was strong. He had a lot of good head movement and when I was hitting him, he was backing off, whereas when he hit me, I was moving forward."

Andreas fought first and explained the success of fight night is determined by both brothers’results: "We are never completely finished until we have both won our fights.

"A lot of people said we had stolen the show; we were the only two guys to win by knockout and there was a really good atmosphere."

Added Chris: "I said Andreas could go first to there was a little bit of pressure to follow him with a win and a knockout. Even though I'm younger than him, I'm a bit more experienced than him, so I always say he can go first to take a bit of pressure off."