A maths whizz kid who beat 1.2 million children in a mental maths competition last year will fight for the title again tomorrow.

Vihangi Rajapakse, who is eight years old, came second in last year’s mental maths quiz, which is part of World Maths Day.

The maths fan, from Salcombe Prepatory School in Chase Side, Southgate, will fight to win the mental maths competition tomorrow in a bid to win this year’s title.

The young girl, who is also an avid fan of netball and classical music, is one of two ambassadors in the UK for the annual event, which aims to promote the maths day to her peers.

The presenter of Channel Four’s Countdown, Rachel Riley, will also take a trip to the school for the second year in a row to show her support to the girl, but also to her Year 3-6 peers who will all take part.

The students will progress through five levels of difficulty in mental maths, earning one point for every correct answer.

Balloons will be displayed in the school and maths t-shirts have been created by the school to get the kids in the spirit of the two-hour event.

The primary school children will also take part in a game based on Countdown which will call for the children to reach a target from six numbers using maths skills.

Vihangi's teacher and the head of maths at the school, Simona Tudoran, said: “Vihangi has been practising so hard for the competition.

“She can answer 95 mental maths questions in one minute so she is definitely ready for it.”

The event, which is part of World Maths Day on March 7, is the world’s largest education event.