A politician is calling for answers after the number of police officers in Enfield was slashed by ten per cent in the last two years.

Edmonton MP Andy Love says a Freedom of Information request reveals police numbers have been cut from 595 in March 2010 to just 534 in April 2012.

Over the same period, the number of police community support officers (PCSOs) patrolling the borough’s streets has plummeted by 42 per cent  – from 170 to 99 people.

Mr Love said: “Enfield residents should be able to feel safe on their own streets. Having a visible police and PCSO presence was a good way of achieving that.

“By cutting these vital frontline staff, we risk seeing an escalation of crime in our area, which is completely unacceptable.”

In total, Enfield has suffered a 17 per cent cut to police officers and PCSOs – a fall from 765 to 632 officers.

Enfield’s ten per cent drop in police officer numbers is in line with the London average – with the number falling from 20,599 in March 2010 to 18,557 in April last year.

The Labour MP added: “David Cameron needs to explain why Boris Johnson has allowed so many frontline police staff to be axed in London, despite promising otherwise, especially at a time of growing concern about gang crime and over a period that included major riots.”

The Enfield Independent is waiting for a comment from the Mayor of London’s office.