Families in a New Southgate housing estate are without heating for the second time in less than a year.

Around 100 people living at the Ladderswood Estate have not had heating since March 30, when pipes from a communal boiler, installed last autumn, burst.

Tenants say they have no idea when the fault will be fixed because repeated calls and emails to Enfield Homes went unanswered as staff were on holiday over Easter.

The estate is due to be demolished and rebuilt in a £100 million regeneration scheme and many of the flats are now empty, but the remaining tenants say they are “the forgotten corner of Enfield”.

Ladderswood Residents’ Panel chairman Alan Weeks said: “I was told when I phoned last week that nothing could be done until Tuesday because underground pipes had burst and water was seeping away, and people were on holiday.

“Nobody has come back to me whatsoever and I’ve no idea when the heating is coming back. It’s been really cold at night.

“There are elderly people, disabled people and young children living here and they shouldn’t be without heating for this long. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

The Enfield Independent discovered scores of electric heaters delivered to the estate had not been offered to tenants. People who asked for them were told they must pay the additional electricity costs as well as continuing to pay £23 a week for non-existant heating.

Last summer, homes were left without heating or hot water for more than a week after the boiler failed, and in 2010 repeated failures left families freezing during a harsh winter.

Brian Stewart, who lives in Curtis House, said Enfield Homes charged him “Holland Park prices to live in a ghetto”, and he refused to pay increases in rent and fuel prices because of the problems.

He added: “Just because they’re fixing it now after we kicked up a fuss, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again within weeks or months.

“We’ve had no contact whatsoever, not even a letter, about what’s going on, they’ve just abandoned us.”

Councillor Henry Lamprecht, Cons/Southgate Green, says the situation is “ridiculous”.

He said: “We all understand the estate is coming down in the next few years, but at the moment there are people still living there and they need to be listened to.”

In a statement, Enfield Homes says it found three leaks after receiving complaints from customers and has restored heating to the majority of homes last night.

He added: “Our contractors remain on site and we continue in our commitment to restoring the heating to residents as soon as possible.

“Temporary heating has been offered to all affected homes and refunds will be paid for the loss of service to all those affected.”