A journalist has called on the Turkish communities support protests against media censorship in his home country.

Orhan Dil worked as a journalist for Hayatin Sesi TV for nine years, a station based in Turkey but broadcasting across Europe, working on weekly news programme from Enfield covering the Turkish and Kurdish communities.

Mr Dil, who lives in Turkey Street, said the independent group was shut down by the Turkish government on September 28 as part of attempts to silence opposition after the failed military coup in July 15

The 46-year-old called on people to be aware of what was happening, and said they are planning a major protest in Downing Street on October 15, having held a demonstration in Trafalgar Square last night (October 6).

He said: “We were always getting pressure from the government. They have tried to shut us down before, but we were always able to reopen. We have been fined many times, but we have a lot of support in London.

“After July 15, the government took their opportunity to get rid of all opposition in all forms of media, they want to control every department.

“They are getting rid of all media who are telling the truth, broadcasting has been blacked out.”

Mr Dil said their channel used to be broadcast on Turksat – the Turkish satellite service – but it was blacked out last month, along with 12 other stations.

He said: “We were not told, we had to call Turksat to find out what happened. There was no official warning letter, the decision has been made and there is nowhere we can appeal against.

“It was all my life for nine years, now I don’t know what to do. There is no-one I can go to get help from, we are planning protests but there is no-one to cover them. It is the same in Turkey.

“The Turkish and Kurdish communities in London are very active, there are regular events, but there is no-one to cover these any more. The only things people will do is cover new stores opening, basically advertising, not news. They are scared of being closed down.”

Mr Dil, along with other members of the DayMer Turkish and Kurdish community centre in Tottenham, held their first protest in Trafalgar Square last night, and said he was pleased with the reaction they had got.

He said: “People were coming up to us with lots of questions, asking what was going on. Many seemed very interested when we told them.

“We just want to raise awareness, and ask the British government to say something.”