A Facebook page paying tribute to an 82-year-old who was killed in a machete attack has been launched.

The page, entitled Rest in Peace Palmira Silva, has 150 likes from well-wishers who were left horrified by yesterday’s attack in Nightingale Road, Edmonton, at 1pm yesterday.

According to reports, she was beheaded by a man who was running through gardens hacking “cats or dogs” to death in the moments leading up to the incident.

It also includes two photographs appearing to show completely different women – and a video of a third woman captioned “rest in peace grandma”.

While police are unable to confirm whether the site is a hoax, the Enfield Independent has discovered the image of a white-haired woman holding a cake tin also appears on a blog named “Dimples & Delights”.

In the blog, it has been attributed to a cook who lives in Southern Utah in America and spent eight years working for a restaurant in Salt Lake City.

The video, which has also been linked to the Facebook page with the words “this is how we should really remember Grandma”, shows a woman with an English accent speaking about her wartime experiences.

Police have since released this image of Ms Silva.

Enfield Independent:

While many comments paying tribute to Ms Silva have been left on the site, others have been critical of whether it was set up as a hoax.

Police say they have not had any complaints about the page.