An overgrown garden has become a dumping ground after Enfield homes failed to replace a man's front gate.

David Herrington, 65, of Dunholme Road, watched as his garden became a target for fly-tippers after his front gate was stolen two years ago.

Mr Herrington, whose house is owned by Enfield Homes, told the Enfield Independent the theft of the gate was the start of his problems.

He let his hedge grow for protection but was unable to maintain his garden when he had to spend time in hospital.

Mr Herrington said: "I reported it but nothing has been done. I came back from being out once and someone had dumped rubbish all in the garden.

"Then my trailer was stolen, all my tools were stolen because I have no gate. I was a sitting duck.

"But it is out of control. Enfield Homes were supposed to do something and admitted they should’ve got me a gate."

The dense undergrowth has left Mr Herrington's neighbours outraged after the 'jungle' grew onto their property.

Michael Achillea, who lives next door, said he is regularly bitten by insects and claims that Enfield Homes said that it would be cleared by the end of July.

He said: "I have had to take my child to hospital because of mosquito bites and I phoned ground control who said they would take this away by the end of July but nothing so far.

"This goes back so far back and is starting to grow into my house, it’s out of control completely and Enfield Homes should have done something. I have had fences changed because of this.

"I have had enough; we have less sunlight now because of this forest that has grown next door. There are huge rats that live in there. Who knows what could be living under there?"

An Enfield Homes spokesman said: "We are aware of this case and will be sending a work team tomorrow to this property to deal with the fly tipping that has built up in the garden.

"Our specialist ground maintenance contractor will then undertake further work to cut back the overgrown vegetation. We would like to apologise to the tenant for the delay in dealing with this case and are treating it as a matter of urgency."