Average speed cameras would solve the problem of drag races, according to a police sergeant.

'Cruisers' - speeding drivers who flock to the A10 to partake in drag races every Sunday evening - have caused misery for those who live close to the road.

Sgt Stuart Gill, who has been working on the problem to clear trouble-makers from the retail park on the A10, told the Enfield Independent 

that Transport for London, which is responsible for speed cameras, once had an idea to put in average speed cameras.

He said: “If TfL had put in the average speed cameras, I am sure this problem would not still occur.

“As it is, it is a fine juggling act to keep all our resources in the right places and we are doing our best to curb the problems residents have.”

He stressed that not everyone who goes there speeds.

He said: “The people who gather there are, on the whole, car enthusiasts and law-abiding citizens, but one or two people are spoiling it for others.

“It would not be beneficial to have all of our resources on a Sunday evening at the A10 and traffic police did patrol the area last Sunday, and people did disperse.”

The Enfield Independent reported residents' fears that someone will eventually be killed by the drag racers.

However Sgt Gill revealed that the police are still collecting all results on incidents on the A10.

He said: “We are re-evaluating our strategy for the A10 and we are still collecting data on what exactly the problems are.

“The A10 ebbs and flows and we are still not certain whether the A10 cruiser problem is seasonal.”