There are many hopefuls but only one will remain - the quest for Edmonton’s young apprentice has begun.

The competition, featuring 20 young people ranging from 13 to 17, is being organised for the second year by Edmonton Green Baptist Church, in Monmouth Road, Edmonton.

The fiercely competitive teens will battle it out during the next week to take the coveted prize of being the young apprentice in Edmonton and will also compete in the London Apprentice event set up by Hebe Foundation, a Christian Youth organisation.

Last year’s competition had a technological feel to but this year it is all about fashion.

So far, the teenagers have been presented with a similar starter to last year, in the ‘double your money’ challenge.

They have also rebranded a traditional school uniform.

In keeping with the format of the BBC programme, the numbers will be whittled down challenge-by-challenge with the aspiring businessmen and woman being 'fired' until one remains.

Jurian White, 17, admitted he had a “very competitive” mind and was going all out to win the competition.

He said: “I am in it to win it and so far, I have really enjoyed what I have done. I have had the chance to see what it is like in the working world which is difficult to come by these days.”

Amina Williams, 16, who is aspiring to work in medicine, said: “I had friends who did the course last year and they told me about all the skills they learnt and I wanted to get involved.

“I wanted to try something new and growing my skills and it is difficult to find jobs and doing something like this for free is really enticing.

The competitors have been selling vintage clothes today in four teams with the team earning the most money, winning.

Youth leader Daniel Shellingford said: “This gives the students the chance to speak to business people directly and get hands on experience.

“So many young people find it difficult to gain work experience but last year we have a number of people gain work experience which was really positive.

“I hope all our competitors will learn some valuable business experience and set them up for future working life.”

The grand final will take place in central London where the winner will create their own fashion brand.