A memorial plaque will be unveiled when the borough commemorates 100 years since the start of the Great War.

The plaque will be unveiled at Broomfield Park’s war memorial in Palmers Green as veterans, members of the public and community leaders gather to mark the centenary of the outbreak of war.

The event, on Monday, August 4, will also feature speeches, poetry readings and musical performances of songs from the period as well as the ceremonial wreath laying.

Enfield Borough Council leader Councillor Doug Taylor said “It is only right and proper that we remember the start of this awful conflict which brought industrial warfare to the world for the first time and resulted in the slaughter of millions of people around the globe.

“It is important to remember the terrible events which were sparked on August 4 1914 so we can learn from the mistakes of history and try to prevent them from ever happening again.

“This event will be an opportunity to remember the people who made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives in the service to their country during the four years of conflict but also to reiterate our commitment to our European friends in Courbevoie and Gladbeck.”

Paving stones are also to be laid in two Enfield streets where winners of the Victoria Cross were born.