A speed limit could be imposed at a dangerous bend following the death of a popular restaurant manager.

Adem Mehmet, 24, died instantly from a severe head injury when his car swerved into a 313 route bus on the Ridgeway, in Enfield in the early hours of Saturday, August 24.

Following an inquest into his death two weeks ago, police claimed that they would look into the speed limit of that particular part of the Ridgeway, which is currently set at the national speed limit.

Mr Mehmet was driving between 40mph to 50mph an hour - below the speed limit.

After discussions with Enfield Borough Council, proposals have been made to reduce the speed limit to 50mph on national speed limit sections of the road.

Despite 85 per cent of vehicles travelling at 41mph westbound and 43mph eastbound, this was the second fatal accident to take place at the bend, which is close to St John's School, following a death in May 2011.

A police spokeswoman said: “Given that some of the other recorded collisions also involve loss of control on bends, trafficoPolice discussed the appropriateness of the existing speed limit with Enfield Council. 

“As a result of these discussions the council are proposing, with the full support of the Metropolitan Police, to reduce the speed limit to 50mph on the existing national speed limit sections of The Ridgeway.

“This will be going to public consultation and is fully expected to be in place during this financial year.”

Councillor Chris Bond, Enfield Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “Reducing speed limits can make a big difference to the safety of our roads.

“We all need to consider our behaviour on the roads and taking unnecessary risks to save a few minutes can result in serious or fatal accidents.

“We are therefore going to reduce the speed limit to help prevent serious accidents. I hope people will spare a thought for those who have lost loved ones and help us make the road safer by accepting lower speed limits on this section of the Ridgeway.”