A primary school teacher has been named as one of the newest fellows of a prestigious science college.

Ruth Shallcross, who works at Lavender Primary School in Lavender Road,  Enfield, has been named as a fellow of the primary science teacher college.

This is in addition to her previous success when she was named Primary School Science Teacher of the Year for 2014, meaning Ms Shallcross has now been recognised amongst her peers as one of the most innovative and effective teaches of primary science in the UK.

The college, launched in 2003, traditionally accepts seven or eight members each year. However, 30 new fellows were accepted at a recent conference at Manchester University.

College director Kathy Schofield said: “This year saw our greatest number of awardees, including more men and more Early Years teachers – but definitely no drop in standards.

“There’s no question that the Primary Science Teacher College is set to make waves in classrooms across the UK.

“These teachers are doing incredible work, raising standards, excelling in tough conditions and going above and beyond what is expected and we’re delighted to be able to celebrate their contribution.”