An Edmonton hospital has been named the best hospital in England for data collection.

North Middlesex University Hospital, in Sterling Way, Edmonton, received the Data Quality Award 2014, beating off all hospitals from across the country.

The award, given by national healthcare service CHKS, believed the hospital performed extremely well as it produced input codes for all 65,000 patient stays a year meaning each patient’s condition is fully and carefully recorded and the hospital’s performance is accurately measured.

Chief executive, Julie Lowe said: “It’s a great result for our coding and data quality teams which reflects their hard work and determination to improve our quality of care.  

“Looking after the data may not sound glamorous but it’s vital work in the modern NHS which enables hospitals like ours to ensure we can see clearly where we are doing well and where we need to do better.

"It also shows how well our doctors are doing in providing accurate diagnoses as the basis for the care we provide. They play a vital role in enabling us to maintain high standards of clinical care.”

Carmen Tyas, head of clinical coding at the hospital, said: “We’re delighted to have achieved this after coming so close twice before. It’s great to know our hard work is recognised and that it is helping the local community that we are proud to be part of.”