Enfield MPs battling to change a knife crime bill have welcomed support from Home Secretary Theresa May.

Ms May visited Enfield this morning and declared her support for the amendment, which was tabled by Enfield North MP Nick de Bois and Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes.

The MPs' change to the Criminal Courts and Justice Bill includes a mandatory four-month detention centre sentence for all minors caught carrying a knife for a second time.

Enfield MP Nick de Bois told the Enfield Independent: “I am delighted that the Home Secretary has shown her clear support and we are hopeful that her support can help us pass this amendment.”

The Home Secretary said it is important to send a "very clear signal” to toughen up on knife crime and was hopeful other MPs would support the campaign.

MP Burrowes said: “I am pleased that the Home Secretary is unequivocal in her support for our amendment to toughen up knife sentences, Alongside Boris Johnson, the Met Police and most importantly, victims of knife crime, the support for our amendment is significant.

“Politicians from all parties now need to get behind the amendment to send out a clear untie message against knife crime.”

Knife crime campaigner Yvonne Lawson also joined the meeting and said that the support from the Home Secretary is "amazing."

She said: "The Home Secretary declaring her support it amzaing. Carrying a knife is the beginning of a process that often leads to serious injury and death.

"Mandatory sentencing for second offenders should be supported, after all my son lost his life the first time and no second chances were given."

The amendment will be debate next month following the Queen’s speech.