A woman who died a month after giving birth to her third child had failed to take medication, an inquest has heard.

Christina Taylor, of Upper Edmonton, died of a cardiac arrest on August 27, 2011, just over a month after she had given birth to her son.

The 45-year-old collapsed as she walked to her car after complaining that she didn’t feel well and was going to the hospital.

A member of the London Ambulance service told the court that they attempted to resuscitate her on the way to North Middlesex University Hospital, in Sterling Way, Edmonton.

Today, North London Corners Court in Barnet, heard doctors state that she was not “compliant” when taking medication to help lower her blood pressure, causing hypertension.

During the inquest, Mrs Taylor was described as a “happy” and “charismatic” person.

Mrs Taylor’s blood pressure had been high for a decade but was under control when she was in hospital having her third child on July 6, 2011.

However, her GP Dr Mark Steinburg told the court that she had stated she did not like taking pills and was not compliant in taking prescribed medication.

He said: “Her blood pressure was high but this was a woman who was an established hypertensive and this was also someone who had problems with complaints in the past with taking medication. Her taking of the medication was inconsistent.

“We are not pointing the blame at her but the reality is that her compliance was poor and she did indicate to me that she did not like taking pills.”

Coroner Andrew Walker recorded that no blame was laid at the door of care services and stated that the birth would have had an impact in her death.

Mr Walker also apologised to Mrs Taylor’s husband, George Macauley for the amount of time it had taken for the inquest to take place.