Ravers took over abandoned business building for more than 15 hours.

The former MAN building in Crown Road, on the junction with Southbury Road, was the venue for an illegal party that began on Saturday night.

According to residents in Anglesey Road, adjacent to crown road, the loud noise and disturbance continued until 3pm the next day.

One resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that the 15-hour rave was “ridiculously loud.”

He said: “It was so loud the whole house was shaking like an earthquake was happening. There are no clubs or bars near us so this was quite a shock. We understand that sometimes it could be loud late at night but for it to continue until 3pm the next day is not right.

“I walked along to check out what was going on, it was ridiculously loud. Things were getting smashed up in the building and people were spray painting everywhere.”

Police say they attended late on Saturday evening and returned the following day when no music was being played.

Kate Laird, also of Anglesey Road said: “We a furious that nothing was done about this at the time, I have children and we couldn’t sleep all night.

“One of our neighbours saw police show up but did nothing about it. Our Easter Sunday was ruined by the selfishness of others.”