Plans are set to be approved for a new 500-seater stand and floodlights at Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground at an Enfield Borough Council planning meeting this evening.

Opposition has gathered from local residents about the plans at the multi-million pound facility in Whitewebbs Lane, Bulls Cross used by the premier league side.

Committee members chose to delay the decision at the previous meeting on February 25 and opted for a site visit on March 22.

The recommendation is to approve the building works.

Resident Jill Simpson has campaigned against the plans since Spurs announced its initial proposals to move to the site in 2008.

She said: “The report recommends the application be granted and Spurs’ need has been cited as the main reason and probably the only reason. The new developments are, despite how it has been worded in the report, against all national and local planning laws for the green belt.

“If you or I lived in the green belt in a conservation area, would we be allowed to build a permanent structure that would affect our neighbours just because a club we were a member of required it?”