A group of mothers spoke out about juggling work, raising a family and making ends meet as part of International Women’s Day.

Edmonton MP Andy Love organised an event to celebrate what women give to the borough of Enfield. 

A major topic was the cost of childcare, with many women admitting they cannot afford to pay for childcare if they want to go back to work.

Mr Love said: “It was humbling to hear how local mums are trying to balance looking after their children whilst trying to make the ends meet, fitting paid work in around informal childcare from grandparents or friends, or in the limited hours offered under free provision.

“It is clear that high childcare costs – which are rising at alarming rates in London – are preventing many parents in Edmonton and Enfield from going back to work. Increasing the free childcare provision from 15 to 25 hours would be a good start.

“International Women’s Day is a good opportunity to get women’s voices heard and to celebrate women’s input into our local community. Helping more women into work or to work the hours they want is good for families, children and the economy.”