Derelict flats in the north of the borough are set to become townhouses.

The flats in Forty Hill, Enfield, have been disused for more than three years but Enfield Borough Council has decided they will be turned into one to four0bedroom townhouses.

But with housing in high demand, Edward Bridge, 61, who lives in St George's Road, next to the flats, does not believe they will be in keeping with the surrounding area.

He said: “From the plans we saw, I was not convinced by the layout and structure of the buildings. I understand full well that these have these derelict flats must be developed but I don’t think town houses are the way to go.”

A woman living nearby, who did not wish to be named, also had a contrasting view to her neighbour.

She said: “These flats are a stain on the image of Enfield and the sooner they are dismantled the better, they only attract trouble and the town houses will hopefully change all that.”

The flats are set to be demolished in spring with building commencing in summer this year.