Plans to transform Enfield into "the garden of London" are set to be unveiled at City Hall next month.

Garden Enfield will hope to grow its way to success by producing fresh fruit and vegetables in the borough and supplying food to the capital.

In a project to be presented at a conference at City Hall on March 5, three acres of land at Forty Hall Farm will be provided and ten schools will grow their own vegetables for school dinners.

The scheme is intended to create 1,200 jobs in Enfield.

Enfield Council’s cabinet member for business and regeneration Councillor Del Goddard said: “These ambitious but feasible plans, when realised, will put Enfield at the forefront of food production in London.

"This scheme is good for the environment, reduces the distance our food has to travel between the field and our plates and will help to create hundreds of jobs.

“It also gives our schools, residents and businesses the opportunity to grow their own fruit and vegetables so our borough is more self-sufficient and far less dependent on imported food than it is at present.”