Protesters have blocked another lorry from entering a redevelopment site on a fourth day of protest.

The campaigners at the former Middlesex University campus in Cat Hill, Enfield, have stood their ground for another day.

Their battle against the 231 homes being redeveloped by London and Quadrant (L&Q) will continue ‘until the end’ as lead protester Kim Coleman has stated.

Today, Thursday, February 13, prayers for a Natural England ecologist to survey the site for potential hibernation places for Great Crested Newts were answered.

The ecologist met with L&Q but denied an ecologist from the protesters side to join the meeting, something Mrs Coleman was not happy about.

“They haven’t given anything away as they came in and left. They didn’t allow us to have our ecologist join them in their meeting.

“We will be here every day, until the end. We are hoping for a big crowd on Saturday.”

In the first three days, campaigners have formed a blockade to prevent lorries from entering the premises and did so again today with just four people.

The lorry driver could not get past and decided to bib and gave thumbs up to the protesters as he left the area.

Campaigners have now written again to Natural England and are challenging the licences on bat roosts on the site.