Police today gave their evidence as the trial of a man accused of trying to commit sexual acts with sheep and cows drew to a close.

Paul Lovell, 60, of Magpie Close in Enfield was arrested on September 4, 2013, and is on trial for outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner.

At Wood Green Crown Court today, the former computer engineer vehemently denied the claims that he attempted to commit a sexual act with cows or sheep at Archers Wood in Whitewebbs Lane.

Mr Lovell this morning gave evidence from the witness box as well as police constables Elyias Anwari and James Whitfield, who arrived at the scene following a 999 dial from picnicking couple Natasha Brennan and Lawrence Stephan.

Mr Anwari said: “We saw a man lying down and as we got closer I saw him lift up his behind to pull his shorts over his waist.

“When he was asked what he was doing, he replied ‘just relaxing’”.

Mr Whitfield was convinced that Mr Lovell was not wearing anything to cover his genitals but admitted he couldn’t see if the man was wearing underpants.

Following all witness accounts, prosecution lawyer Richard Hutchinson and defence barrister Clare Dowse gave their closing statements.

In her final statement, Ms Dowse stated that she had not met a man whose genitals she would be able to see from 400ft away, raising a laugh from Judge James Patrick as well as members of the jury.

Mr Hutchinson highlighted the fact that Mr Lovell had not provided any denial to the allegations until his statement at today’s hearing.

He also went on to say that Ms Brennan and Mr Stephan were “honest” and “respectable” members of society and were “not looking for 15 minutes of fame” but were simply telling the truth.

In her closing statement, Ms Dowse said that whilst she doesn’t deny that the couple are honest, the distance they were from Mr Lovell meant that their judgement on what he was wearing was not “accurate.”