Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin is set to look the problems that have tormented a train line that passes through Enfield in recent months.

The First Capital Connect overground service that runs through Enfield has been littered with services delays, cancellations and technical problems since November.

Earlier this month, Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes and Enfield North MP Nick de Bois met with area directors from FCC and Network Rail to voice the grievances of commuters.

Now, Mr de Bois has challenged the leader of the House of Commons Andrew Lansley to urge Patrick McLoughlin to investigate the service and open a debate in the commons.

He asked: “Will the Leader of the House find time for us to have a debate on this appalling service in our constituencies?”
In response to his request, Mr Lansley said: “I will ask my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Transport to look specifically at the issues that he and his colleague raise.”
Hussaini Mohammad, from Windmill Hill, uses the service everyday from Enfield Chase station and believes that enough is enough.

He said: “We have had continual delays for three months, it just isn’t good enough. There is almost a shocked look on everybody’s faces when a train comes in on time. There needs to be serious investment, this is my only way into work.”

Another disgruntled commuter Kim Makawa, 37 of Vera Avenue, said: “The trains are old and need upgrading. I pay a lot of money for a yearly travel card but for what? This service needs to be improved and it needs to be sorted out urgently.”

In response to Mr Lansley’s answer, Mr de Bois said: “I am quite please to see that Mr Lansley has taken this further than I expected but this is just one of many avenues.

“David Burrowes and I have already asked FCC and Network Rail to pull together and sort out this issue. With the Secretary of State for Transport looking into the problem, this will put pressure on FCC and Network Rail to provide a good service which our passengers deserve.”