More than 20 schools have signed up to a new campaign that rewards children who walk or cycle to school.

The Active Journeys Campaign will reward children who ditch getting a lift and walk, scoot or cycle to their school.

So far, 25 primary schools have joined the cause including Forty Hill School who have had a new crossing installed close to their school to encourage more walking.

Headteacher Richard Yarwood said: “Ever since the M25 was opened, commuters have used Forty Hill as a short cut into London. This has led to congestion, irritability and safety issues every morning as school parents struggle to park and commuters battle to get to work.

"The new crossing allows us to encourage parents to park at Forty Hall and 'stride' the 400m along the footpath to school. A lovely way to start and end the day. Consequently there is less congestion, less irritability and greater safety for our children.”

Established by Enfield Borough Council, all schools will enter a competition to plant a tree in their school grounds.

Yioda Whitehouse, teacher from Eversley Primary School in Chaseville Park Road, Oakwood, said: “Our Eco Club is launching this campaign in school. Along with our Road Rangers, they are going to be managing the resources, promotion and encouraging pupils and parents, informing them of the benefit of active travel for the school journey.

"We hope this will ease some of the issues outside the school with traffic."