A family has been left stressed and upset after their mother’s death certificate was filled out incorrectly.

Charalamba Theodossiou, 90, died on January 7, 2014, from a type of pneumonia that affects the lungs, at North Middlesex University Hospital in Sterling Way, Edmonton.

However, on her death certificate filled out by the hospital, her passing was dated as December 7, 2014, giving the family greater stress.

Keith Machin, Ms Theodossiou’s son-in-law, has branded the mix up as “disgusting”.

He said: “It is absolutely disgusting of the hospital to make such an error. Our family is still grieving from my mother-in-law’s death and we all could have done without such a basic mistake being made by them, it is not good enough.”

The family were only made aware of the mishap by the registrar at Enfield Borough Council.

Mr Machin added: “We have had to go through unnecessary hassle to get this changed and now finally we can lay her to rest.”

Rita Machin, of Snells Park in Edmonton, found it hard to talk about her mother’s passing but did pay tribute to her.

She said: “She was a good 90-year-old, she was still with it and was a lovely woman. She had been in and out the hospital with gout on her leg but her condition got worse. She died in my arms.”

A North Middlesex University Hospital spokesperson said: "One of our hardworking doctors mistakenly put the wrong date on the handwritten death certificate for which we apologise to the family. Fortunately the mistake was spotted and was not transferred to the official death certificate which is correct and the family can obtain copies in the normal way."