Edmonton MP Andy Love has admitted more must be done to tackle unemployment in his constituency, despite the number of people out of work falling.

Figures from the Labour Market Statistics reveal that between October and November 2013, 144 people became employed in the area.

However, the total number of people without work in Edmonton is 3,781, the 45th highest constituency in the UK.

Mr Love welcomed the latest statistics, but was keen to see more being done to reduce the levels of unemployment.

He said: "I welcome any drop in unemployment in Edmonton but the number of people without jobs – particularly young people – is unacceptably high. Prices are rising much faster than wages and the average working person is now £1,600 a year worse off.

"It is alarming that the level of over 25s claiming JSA (Jobseeker's Allowance) for two years in Edmonton is rising substantially. We risk consigning the long-term unemployed to the scrap heap and if the compulsory jobs guarantee for young people isn’t brought back then the unemployed youth will end up there too."