An OnlyFans billboard with a model in her underwear, similar to a viral advert, has appeared near to a youth centre.

The advert, with an image of model Emily Rose, who goes by the OnlyFans name ‘Emrosebydark’, has appeared in Bruce Grove, a short distance from the Bruce Grove Centre.

Besides the photo is a link to her OnlyFans page – a subscription platform mainly used for pornography – with her other social media pages including Instagram, X and TikTok promoted too.

It is similar in style to an advert from OnlyFans model Eliza Rose Watson, which appeared in Harrow, Tottenham, Lambeth and Edgware in June and July.

Enfield Independent: The original OnlyFans advert that appeared across London, before a similar advert was put up by EmrosebydarkThe original OnlyFans advert that appeared across London, before a similar advert was put up by Emrosebydark (Image: UGC)

Ms Watson’s advert caught the attention of national media, after local press first reported on how some were outraged that “inappropriate” sexual adult content was being promoted in public.

However the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) cleared Ms Watson’s advert and ruled no further action was necessary after receiving 30 complaints.

The board said that although Ms Watson’s clothing was revealing, the image did not feature any nudity and the pose adopted by her was “no more than mildly sexual”.

Enfield Independent: Eliza Rose WatsonEliza Rose Watson (Image: Eliza Rose Watson)

Cllr Seema Chandwani, cabinet member for resident services and tackling inequality, was shocked to discover that the advert was recreated by ‘Emrosebydark’.

She said: “We are absolutely appalled at the decision to host an advertising billboard for an adult entertainment website in a prominent position close to one of our youth centres.

“It is clear that such content is not appropriate for children and the wider community, and we completely understand the concerns of parents about their children being exposed to these images.

“Unfortunately the council does not have authority to remove the advert under any of our existing powers.

“Since the ASA as regulator has ruled against taking any action in similar cases, we can only appeal to the owner of the billboard, Amplify, to do the right thing and remove this advert from circulation, especially in locations where young people are likely to see it.”

When Ms Watson’s advert was cleared of complaints, the ASA said the advert was “not overtly sexual and did not objectify women”.

Amplify did not respond to a request for comment.