Billboards promoting an adult model's website containing pornographic content are cropping up across London.

One outraged individual graffitied the OnlyFans advert at the junction of Cambridge Road and Station Road, North Harrow, with the message “keep porn off our streets”.

OnlyFans is a online subscription platform, mainly used for pornography.

It is understood that the billboard in Harrow is just one of many that have appeared across the capital featuring model Eliza Rose Watson posing in her underwear.

The adverts promote two of her pages: her OnlyFans page, which contains explicit content, and her Instagram page, where she describes herself as a "recovered addict turned gym junkie", which features suggestive images.

Enfield Independent: The OnlyFans billboard in Harrow before it was graffitied The OnlyFans billboard in Harrow before it was graffitied (Image: UGC)

One Harrow resident, who asked to not be named, said: “I am not making a moral argument for or against pornography, but rather how it is allowed to be advertised in such an unregulated way. 

“The use of sexualised imagery, although far from ideal, is not my main sticking point, rather, the service advertised is entirely inappropriate for a billboard visible to all.”

He continued: “Harrow is a rural suburb of Greater London, not Soho or the Red Light District of Amsterdam.”

Others have shared images and videos online of the same billboard elsewhere in London, one in Burnt Oak and another in Lambeth.

One person said: "OnlyFans being promoted on a billboard is ridiculous, this is what our generation has become."

Another person said: "Never thought I'd see OnlyFans girls buying billboards now."

And it appears to not just be in north west London, with another video showing a billboard in Lambeth.

Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas says he has taken the matter to the Advertising Standards Authority after being made aware of the advert.

He said: “I agree that the placing of this advert isn’t appropriate given that young children will be walking past it on a daily basis.

“I have written to the Advertising Standards Authority asking them to assess whether their criteria for such adverts is appropriate.”

The Advertising Standards Authority says that two complaints have been made arguing that the content is inappropriate.

A spokesperson explained the complaints are being reviewed to see if it requires looking into, but an investigation has not been launched at this time.

Ms Watson has argued that the content on the billboard is not anymore explicit or damaging than other adult adverts for alcohol, underwear and gambling.

She explained that much work had gone into the production of the advert and discussions were made to assure it meets the advertising guidelines.

She said: “If a child was to see that – one it is designed for adults.

"The picture is of a 34 year old woman and the OnlyFans logo is there. It doesn't tell you how to access it. It doesn't give a website address, it's just there.

"And if someone underage were to try and access that, as long as there's parental controls on their phone - which I assume there are - they're not going be able to load it just doesn't work."