An OnlyFans model says she would “absolutely” consider pushing more billboards in London promoting her pornographic content after being blasted for the “inappropriate” adverts.

Billboards are cropping up across the capital featuring model Eliza Rose Watson in her underwear, encouraging others to subscribe to her OnlyFans page - which contains explicit content - and her Instagram page, which features suggestive images.

OnlyFans is an online subscription platform, mainly used for pornography.

One outraged individual graffitied the OnlyFans advert at the junction of Cambridge Road and Station Road, North Harrow, with the message “keep porn off our streets”.

Enfield Independent: OnlyFans adverts have been appearing in London, this one in Harrow is graffitied with 'keep porn off our streets'OnlyFans adverts have been appearing in London, this one in Harrow is graffitied with 'keep porn off our streets' (Image: UGC)

Other have also branded the adverts “ridiculous” after spotting them in Burnt Oak, Tottenham and Lambeth.

The former preschool teacher, 34, says that she understands why some would be worried about children potentially accessing adult entertainment.

But she claims OnlyFans is “one of the most protected platforms” against underage people accessing pornography.

She said there were months of planning and discussions regarding advertising regulations to make sure the advert would be approved and would not be harmful to children.

The self-proclaimed “recovered addict, turned gym junkie” said: “Some people are always going to get offended by stuff, right? That's just the way it goes.

“In terms of legitimate offence, I would agree if someone was worried about children, safety of children. And this is something that I really thought about before putting it up.”

She continued: “If a child was to see that - one it is designed for adults. The picture is of a 34-year-old woman and the OnlyFans logo is there. It doesn't tell you how to access it, it doesn't give a website address, it's just there.

"And if someone underage were to try and access that, as long as there's parental controls on their phone - which I assume there are - they're not going be able to load It just doesn't work."

Enfield Independent: Eliza Rose WatsonEliza Rose Watson (Image: Eliza Rose Watson)

Comparing her billboard to underwear advertisements, she said hers was “less sexy than Ann Summers” and “well within advertising guidelines”.

She said: “But to the people that are in general offended just because it's kind of not something that's done - there's many other adult-oriented ads. There's ads for alcohol, there's ads for gambling, there's ads for Ann Summers, and you encounter those walking down the high street on a daily basis.”

According to the model, other than to promote her accounts she wished to “break the stigma” of OnlyFans, pointing to how it is becoming a mainstream thing.

“The more people can open up the dialogue about it, the less secrecy and shame or potential misuse of the platform,” she said.

Enfield Independent: The OnlyFans billboard in Harrow before it was graffitied The OnlyFans billboard in Harrow before it was graffitied (Image: UGC)

Ms Watson added: “People were very supportive, like my subscribers were really excited and my mum and dad loved it. I sent it to my mum and dad as soon as it went up.

“Given the careful thought and consideration behind it and looking into any legitimate harm that could be done to a child, I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.”

Reacting to the advert, one Harrow resident said: “The use of sexualised imagery, although far from ideal, is not my main sticking point, rather, the service advertised is entirely inappropriate for a billboard visible to all.”

He continued: “Harrow is a rural suburb of Greater London, not Soho or the Red Light District of Amsterdam.”

The Advertising Standards Authority says that two complaints have been made arguing that the content is inappropriate.

A spokesperson explained the complaints are being reviewed to see if it requires looking into, but an investigation has not been launched at this time.