A north London mosque has taken to the streets of Enfield to help clear litter from the “neglected” area during the month of Ramadan.

Heart of Enfield Mosque, which currently has no permanent base but operates in the Enfield Lock area, collected 15 bags of litter earlier this month as part of its initiative.

The litter-picking event on April 8, which took place during the month of Ramadan and was the first organised by the mosque, was attended by 20 volunteers.

But now, Salim Ahmed, chairman and founder of the mosque, has said he hopes to run the event monthly to help the local community.

Enfield Independent: A total of 15 bags of litter were collected at the event

Salim said: “We’re very unfortunate in that the part of Enfield we’re in has been somewhat neglected.

“It’s quite sad in that in the community everyone is just living their individual lives, there’s not really a connective consciousness. We wanted to do something about that.

“Litter picking is a great way for keeping our area nice. It’s Ramadan now, it’s a month of fasting, it’s a month of charity – so for us as a Muslim community we were thinking about how we can help people.”

Heart of Enfield, which was founded in 2012, is aiming to build a permanent home in Hertford Road in the near future.