An Enfield man has been arrested in Northern Cyprus and banned from leaving the country after calling the President of the unrecognised state “crazy” in a Facebook post.

Ibrahim Buyukarslan, a dual Cypriot-British national, travelled to the country on February 26 to visit his father.

Having flown from the UK into the city of Larnaca, on the southern side of the border, he was arrested as he attempted to cross into Northern Cyprus.

Local media in Cyprus has reported that Mr Buyukarslan was arrested on suspicion of publishing ‘Musfit’, which means provocation.

The arrest related to a Facebook post made by Mr Buyukarslan in June 2022, in which he called Ersin Tatar, the President of Northern Cyprus, “crazy” and said he should be “kept away from people”.  

To post bail, Mr Buyukarslan had to pay 5,000 Turkish Lira (roughly £220), and a further guarantee of 100,000 Turkish Lira (£4,400).

Mr Buyukarslan’s daughter, Cemma, said that an uncle in Northern Cyprus had to put his car as collateral to guarantee bail.

She added that her father's British passport has also been taken away, and that he is forbidden from leaving the country until further notice.

As a dual national, Mr Buyukarslan is not eligible for diplomatic help from the British government in Cyprus.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is also not recognised by the British government, having been created following a Turkish invasion in 1974.

Government advice states that because Northern Cyprus does not share information about the location, wellbeing or treatment of British nationals in distress, those travelling to the unrecognised country are “more vulnerable and at greater risk”.

The TRNC Representative Office in London said that they could not comment on Mr Buyukarslan’s case as the judicial process is ongoing.

Mr Buyukarslan is expected to appear at a bail hearing on Monday (March 6).