A Chelsea supporter has been fined and banned from football for three years after making a racist gesture towards a Tottenham player.

Thomas Burchell, 30, from Croydon, made the gesture towards Spurs’ Son Heung Min, who is South Korean, at Stamford Bridge on August 14, 2022.

The incident happened when Son went to take a corner, and Burchell was later identified when images of the offence were shared on social media.

Burchell later admitted to police that he made the gesture.

He was fined £726 at the City if London Magistrates Court for the racially aggravated public order offence.

The fine was increased to reflect the racially aggravated element of his offence.

Burchell was also handed a football banning order, which prevents him from attending a live football match for the next three years.

Senior crown prosecutor Kalsoom Shah said: “Football is a passionate sport, but racist abuse will never be allowed to mar the game.

"We know people who are responsible for these actions are part of a small minority and we will continue to encourage anyone who sees or experiences this kind of behaviour to report it to the police and help us rid football of racism.

“Burchell’s offensive gesture means that he can longer see his team play live.”

Lionel Idan, Chief Crown Prosecutor for London South and national hate crime lead, said: “The CPS has made it clear that all forms of hate crime will not be tolerated whether within or outside a football ground.

“Where our legal test is met, we will not hesitate to take people to court and seek harsher sentences so that justice is served.

“Racist gestures and abuse are not just hurtful, they prevent other fans and players from enjoying the sport and cause real damage to the heart of the game.

“The CPS continues to play a crucial role in tackling such crimes and making our national game inclusive and safe for all to watch and play.”