Kids can enjoy a greener and more natural playtime at an Enfield school thanks to new rain gardens.

The playground at Oakthorpe Primary School in Bowes now includes a sustainable drainage system which creates much needed flood protection for the school.

The green features will also be part of the childrens' learning about the environment, biodiversity and climate change.

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Enfield Independent: Oakthorpe Primary School playgroundOakthorpe Primary School playground (Image: Enfield Council)

It has also helped to make distinct areas in the playground, with ball games and faster paced activities in one space and a place for relaxation and reflection in another.

Funding for the project was part of the Mayor of London’s Grow Back Greener Fund which aims to support a wide range of projects to help make London greener, fairer, healthier and more climate resilient.

Deputy council leader Ergin Erbill and the councillor responsible for the environment, Rick Jewell, attended a planting session at the school on September 26.

Children put on gloves and got stuck in planting in each of the new areas at the event, to help improve their playground and use the plants as a learning opportunity to improve their understanding of nature.

Enfield Independent: Three pupils from Oakthorpe School select plants for the raingardenThree pupils from Oakthorpe School select plants for the raingarden (Image: Enfield Council)

Cllr Jewell said: “The new sustainable drainage system at Oakthorpe School has had an amazing impact. The playground has totally changed from a large, grey paved area to a thing of beauty.

“By the spring, the plants will be thriving and hopefully, there will be lots of visiting insects and pollinators. Importantly, during downpours, these rain gardens will absorb lots of water, so the children will still be able to play outside.

“The work here and at the neighbouring Kiln Lane Open Space will prevent further flooding and pollution from dirty run-off water from roads.”

Enfield Independent: Cllr Rick Jewell with two pupilsCllr Rick Jewell with two pupils (Image: Enfield Council)

Cllr Erbil added: “Enfield Council is keen to improve the quality of life for all our residents.

“We have tried to identify unique and effective ways to introduce planting, nature restoration and flood management solutions, which also contribute to our climate action targets and help us to move closer to a carbon net neutral position.

“Our ambition is for Enfield to become a greener, more sustainable borough.”