Fears have been raised over the welfare of people still living in a block of flats that has been slated for demolition.

Housing campaigners have warned that 13 households still living in the Tangmere block on the Broadwater Farm estate are not able to heat their flats properly after the building’s gas supply was switched off.

Jacob Secker, chair of Haringey Defend Council Housing, said people had been given electric heaters but they were not sufficient to keep all flats warm during the winter months.

He said it costs up to £100 a week to warm the flats using the heaters and claimed some residents had yet to receive money promised by the council’s housing arm to cover the costs.

Mr Secker said the council could have installed a temporary boiler in the flats, as other councils had done in similar circumstances.

He said: “Haringey Council has repeatedly shown a callous attitude to the residents of Tangmere.

“Fears about the health and safety of residents once the gas has been switched off have been dismissed.

“The council’s attitude seems to have been to move the residents out as quickly as possible without any assessment of the risk of their actions in terms of leaving residents without adequate heating.”

The Tangmere block was slated for demolition in June after it failed structural safety tests carried out in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Haringey Council originally aimed to move people out of the building by the end of October, when the gas supply was switched off.

But it emerged at a recent council meeting that some residents were still living in the building.

A spokesman for Haringey Council said: “We have made reasonable offers of alternative accommodation to all the residents and made steps to ensure everyone could move out before the gas was switched off.

“This included interim alternative accommodation if appropriate before they move into their new home.

“All residents remaining in the flats have been given heaters and we are covering the cost of additional heating so there are no affordability issues.

“We are doing regular welfare visits to talk to residents and give them advice about their heating, and we will continue to support them.”