Two blocks of flats on a Tottenham estate face being pulled down due to fears they could collapse.

Surveys carried out following the Grenfell Tower tragedy have revealed the Tangmere and Northolt blocks on the Broadwater Farm estate could pose a safety risk in the event of structural damage from a vehicle strike, bottled gas explosion or similar impact.

Haringey Council wants to demolish the blocks and replace them with “high-quality, new council homes built on the estate”.

It said the degree of structural work needed to strengthen the flats to the required standard would be “extremely costly” and could reduce the funding available for other projects.

Strengthening the buildings would cost an estimated £48.9 million in total, compared to almost £63 million to rebuild the blocks.

But a rebuild would provide lower running costs and reduced carbon emissions, while the council could secure grant funding for a new build project.

Before making the final decision on the fate of the blocks, the local authority plans to consult with residents, who face being rehoused due to the safety issues identified.

People living in the Tangmere block face immediate rehousing as piped gas will be removed from the block at the end of October, meaning there will be no supply of heating and hot water.

Councillors will discuss the issues and are expected to approve a rehousing scheme at a meeting of the cabinet on Tuesday (June 26).

They will also consider the fate of the Osborne Grove nursing home, which was originally slated for closure following an inadequate rating from the Care Quality Commission.

The council has proposed retaining the site and expanding its capacity, providing care in partnership with the NHS, the not for profit sector and neighbouring local authorities