It seems strange to look forward when this season still has so much to offer.

In true Saracens style they have once again announced an idea that is somewhat out of the ordinary.

If you renew your season ticket before the April 2 and Saracens do the double and win both the Premiership and Heineken Cup this year then you can enjoy the 2014/2015 campaign without it costing you a penny.

As eye-catching as the deal may be, dig a little deeper and it may not be all rosy.

Although the concession age limit has been raised from 16 to 24, it no longer exists in the gold category for anybody.

The club has always been one of the better ones for value for money and are priding themselves on being, on average, less expensive than fellow top four rivals Leicester Tigers, Northampton Saints, Bath and Harlequins.

Although, Saracens’ success in recent years is in somewhat of a contrast to their history, the rise in ticket prices will still put people off.

The club will still have their showpiece events at Wembley, offering affordable tickets to witness top class rugby at a magnificent venue.

But, what about the week-in, week-out consistent supporters of the club?

This is Saracens’ first full season at Allianz Park, surely they should be striving to further establish themselves in their new home, aiming for sell-outs every week before upping their prices?

Maybe it's just me, but many companies nowadays are more concerned with enticing new customers, forgetting the importance of those that have been there all along, in this case supported through thick and thin.

Who knows, come the end of the season, Saracens could be dusting down the Allianz Park trophy cabinet ready for both the Heineken and Premiership trophies and this could all be forgotten.

But for how many supporters will this be the end of an era?