Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho admitted he was disappointed in his side’s lacklustre display and that Everton deserved their victory.

“I was disappointed in the performance, yes,” he told Sky Sports. “We had the best chances in the first half and a couple of big saves by Pickford in the second half.

“After they scored the goal we were not able to create and they dominated the game and were dangerous in the counter-attack too.

“To be honest the struggle started in the way we pressed. Or the way we didn’t press.

“Our pressure up (front) was very, very poor. It was a lazy pressure and when you have lazy pressure you let opponents build from the back.”

Mourinho is desperate to strengthen his armoury in attack and provide back up for Harry Kane.

The Portuguese manager remains optimistic that there will be incomings before the transfer window closes.

“I need a striker, but I want to make it very, very clear that the club knows that I need a striker and they also want a striker,” he said.

“Are we going to get one? I believe so, I honestly believe so. The team needs it for the balance of the squad.”