The Graham Norton Show on BBC One is reportedly "in crisis" as it struggles to find A-list guests to bring onto the programme amid the ongoing strikes in the United States.

In July, Hollywood officially went on strike when the Screen Actors Guild voted unanimously for industrial action after unsuccessful negotiations with industry bosses.

This decision was made after talks with the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represents the likes of Disney, Netflix and Warner Bros., broke down.

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However, due to this action being taken in Hollywood, programmes like The Graham Norton Show in the UK are being impacted.

The Graham Norton Show reportedly 'in crisis' as it struggles to find A-list guests 

A source told the Mirror newspaper that the flagship show has been running into some series problems as it attempts to find A-list guests willing to appear on set.

The source said: "The BBC is in crisis as the Hollywood strikes are causing its flagship chat show an absolute headache for its next run later this year."

The insider added that even some British stars have refused publicity and promotion "out of solidarity" with their counterparts in the States.

The strike action is also expected to affect a number of other popular programmes enjoyed by Brits including White Lotus, Emily in Paris and Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon.

This comes as writers in Hollywood strike amid concerns over the use of AI in the industry.

The last time there was a writers' strike in the U.S was in 2007 which stopped work for 100 days.

The Graham Norton Show is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.