Good Morning Britain viewers received a fresh update from host Kate Garraway on the health of her husband Derek Draper.

The ITV presenter shared the latest with viewers on Monday morning's breakfast show on Derek following his battle with coronavirus.

When did Derek fall ill?

Derek was rushed into intensive care back on Monday, March 30, with a confirmed case of Covid-19.

What did Kate say?

In an update on Monday, Kate, 53, told GMB viewers: "He's very much still with us but there seems to be different challenges every week.

"Everyone has been so lovely and are really concerned for him, and it's difficult because there are so many people out there who are sick [with Covid].

"On the other hand, last week when we were having fun and games, you feel bad because he's still there in a minimalist conscious state."

Kate added that they still have "lots of challenges" with Derek, especially "challenges with food and with his lungs.

"We just want him to wake up.

"The medical staff who are caring for Derek are still putting Good Morning Britain on in the mornings in the hope of triggering something."

Kate went on to say that ultimately, she is "lucky to have the chance to wait as because he is still with us."

Co-host Adil Ray, 46, added that Kate returning to work on Good Morning Britain during her family crisis has 'inspired people'.

Kate admitted that she has got to "keep going" to make sure he has "a life to come back to".

Adil said: "You have been truly inspiring and you say there about you were laughing last week and having a few laughs today but it's important to have that, you have kids, you've got to have hope."

Kate replied: "I've got to keep life going on so Derek has a life to get back to."

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