Naked men who uprooted a Christmas tree in a bizarre crime against Christmas have been branded “utter morons”.

Three drunken Scrooges were spotted launching themselves at the tree in The Green in Winchmore Hill last Friday until it was pulled from the ground.

But Christmas has been saved as Enfield Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Chris Bond, said the council has now replanted the tree.  

Cllr Bond said: "This was an act of wanton vandalism by individuals who decided to try and steal our community Christmas tree.

"All these would be thieves have demonstrated is that even at a time of goodwill for all men, there are always some people who can be relied on to behave like utter morons and spoil things for the decent law abiding majority.

“If anyone who can help us identify these idiots, then we'd be delighted to hear from them."

Children had decorated the tree with decorations created in workshops in the lead-up to Christmas.

Circumstances surrounding the naked men flinging themselves at the tree just before 11.30pm remain unknown, although the incident has been reported to Enfield Police.

Cllr Bond said the council will be keeping a close eye on the tree and doing everything it can to make sure it survives being pulled from the ground.

If the tree dies from the ordeal, he said the council will replace it as rapidly as it can to ensure the community is not affected by the “selfish" act.