Budding entrepreneurs battled it out in an Apprentice-style market challenge on Saturday.

Seven teenagers spent four days creating a business plan in a bid to make as much profit as possible at Enfield Town Market in Church Street.

The Business Battle, which is in its third year and funded by Enfield Council’s youth services, aims to provide young people with business training to help them find long-term employment.

Three boys and four girls were loaned cash from education charity MyBnk to start their business. They spent four hours on Tuesday, and two hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday preparing for the sell-off.

MyBnk trained the youths in skills including customer service, product development and creating a writing plan.

The boys’ team made fresh smoothies and sold cupcakes at the market, and the girls opted to sell back to school stationary to entice young people in Enfield Town.

The girls, who took out a loan of £33.87, won the challenge after taking home £7.50 profit each as well as making a £15 donation to charity Children in Need.

The boys took out a £40 loan and made a £13.90 profit.

Luksha Wicleramarachchi is involved with the area youth forum and Enfield youth parliament.

The 18-year-old, who will start Warwick University this month, said: "It was brilliant. I learnt how business works and that it isn't as easy as it looks to come up with a product and actually make a profit."

James Wilson, who works for MyBnk, said: “The aim of the project is to help people start their own business and be more financially knowledgeable.

“It was very much like the Apprentice – the girls were beautifully practical and were very efficient.”

The teenagers were invited to take part through Ponders End Youth Centre in South Street.