Meet Samuell McKenzie, the lead character in All About The McKenzies, an internet sit-com about him and his family. He’s young, bright and ambitious, with a poster of the Hollywood Hills on his bedroom wall.

I’m not sure if Samuell Benta, the show’s writer, producer, director and star, has the same poster at home, but he certainly shares his namesake’s appetite for the A-list.

“My overall goal is to be a top Hollywood actor,“ says the 25-year-old. “I’m the type of guy where it’s like, you know what, I’m fed up of waiting on people. I need to create something, to move forward. We can’t rely on someone else to make us successful.“

Tired of waiting for the phone to ring, the EastEnders spin-off E20 star decided he would create his own show, a comedy series of five-minute-long webisodes, which are attracting thousands of viewers on Youtube.

“A lot of actors – they’re waiting on their agent to call them,“ says Samuell. “Well they’ll be waiting a long time. There are tools here, there’s Youtube and all these resources that we can use to promote ourselves.“

The idea for the show, aimed at seven to 17 year-olds, was realised in late 2010. Samuell, who was raised on a diet of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Kenan and Kel and My Wife And Kids, wanted to replicate his favourite shows, putting a version of himself at its centre, while adding his own unique take on things.

“I was in a situation in my life,“ says Samuell, “it was a negative situation, where I thought instead of being like normal people where I would whinge and complain about it and attack people, I just thought, let me see how I can turn this into something positive, something everyone can benefit from.

“Plus there’s not many television shows that show black people in a positive light. If anything it’s all gang-based or drugs-based. The shows I grew up on weren’t about that.“

Although he had worked as an actor on shows like Power Rangers, Hotel Babylon and The Cut, it was Samuell’s first proper role behind the camera.

“I was a bit baffled, I didn’t know how to do anything!“ he admits. “But I have learnt from being on set, listening to directors, watching them. I have never been to film school, I’ve never been to drama school. I’ve learnt everything on the job.“

After assembling his cast, the series was shot in an intensive five days using locations around Tottenham, including Gladesmore Community School in Crowland Road.

The show follows the lives of the McKenzie family Samuell’s mum, dad, two sisters, brother and grandad.

“Every character has me in them,“ adds Samuell. “That’s my personality in everybody.“

Having taken the show to the Los Angeles Web Festival earlier this year, Samuell and his team returned with Best Ensemble Cast in a Comedy. Major broadcasters have been in touch.

“There is so much to move with,“ he says. “Definitely we’ll be on TV. A schools’ tour is on the cards, an interactive website for students with educational videos and games. I see development for spin-off shows. I want to start looking at merchandise as well.“

Just like his on-screen self – there’s no denying Samuell’s ambitions.

“Why am I going to aim low? Because that’s what everyone seems to be doing. It’s only a few people that really get far and it’s the people that think big.“

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