A New Southgate teenager’s project turning the drawings of children in war-torn Gaza into postcards to MPs calling for action is on display in central London.

Zahra Ahmad, 17, of Dale Green Road, is one of 20 youngsters to take part in the two-week exhibition, which is made up of drawings by primary school children in Al Zarqa, one of the poorest areas of the Gaza Strip.

The community was devastated by conflict with Israel in 2009, and the children’s pictures show playgrounds and nature in a message that they want a safe place to live and play.

Zahra hopes that by putting them on display and turning them into messages to MPs, politicians may take action on children’s rights in the country.

She said: “I hope as a result of this exhibition as many people as possible will become more aware of the issues surrounding children’s rights in Gaza and this is the first step in making a difference for these young people.”

The exhibition runs at the London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel Road until May 15.