SUCCESSFUL GLA candidate Nicky Gavron (right) said after the results:

'I am honoured and not a little humbled to be the elected Greater London Assembly member for Enfield Haringey.

'My thanks to all those who voted for me on May 4. My special thanks to everyone who worked so hard on my campaign.

'The election was hard fought. But now it is over ? and I want to put on record that I will do my best, during the next four years, to represent everyone in Enfield Haringey.

'It was the abolition of the GLC in 1986 that first brought me into politics. I have been working since the late 1980s to get a new, democratic strategy authority for London and have been doing the research and policy work so the new authority can hit the ground running.

'During the election, I made it plain what I thought needs to be done. Radical improvements to public transport, with more and better buses and more bus lanes, modernising the tube, regular and reliable rail services, safer stations, better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

'Fair and effective policing, accountable to communities to make our streets and parks safer for everyone. Tackling all forms of discrimination.

'But once the dust surrounding the election has settled, the hard work begins. So my thanks again to you for the trust you have placed in me and give my assurance that I will work tirelessly for the people of Enfield Haringey.'