An investigation has been launched after alleged claims by a councillor that there are four illegal abortion clinics in the borough that he refused to name.

Enfield Council confirmed today that it is investigating the allegations of claims by Councillor Ali Bakir (Lab) during a meeting of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel on February 9.

According to other councillors at the meeting spoken to by the Enfield Independent, Cllr Bakir rubbished a report by the council’s teenage pregnancy coordinator, Nursal Livatyali, that showed Enfield had managed the second-largest decline in London in the last five years.

He then allegedly claimed that he knew of four clinics in Enfield that provided illegal abortions to teenage Muslim girls, but refused to disclose their identity or location when quizzed by other members of the panel.

Councillor Daniel Pearce (Con), who was at the meeting, said: “It’s pretty outrageous that he had said this – if he knows information about illegal abortion clinics he has to pass that to the police as soon as possible.

“He shouldn’t be withholding this for private or personal reasons – if he is right then there are treatments being given that are obviously illegal and endangering young girls’ lives.”

Cllr Bakir has not responded to repeated attempts by the Enfield Independent to contact him about his alleged claims.

In a statement, Enfield Council said: “We are looking into the claims made during the Children's Scrutiny Panel meeting and will respond fully when this investigation is completed.”