Children at a Freezy Water school were taught how a Premier League football club is run by a Spurs midfielder as part of an entrepreneurial scheme launched yesterday.

Tottenham player Jake Livermore visited pupils at Honilands Primary School in Lovell Road as part of the club’s Primary Enterprise initiative to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The former Enfield Grammar School student, 22, spent the afternoon helping children to start up their own club – from designing the kit to setting the ticket prices.

He said: “The group was really switched on, talking about football and business. It's great that they start to learn about business at such a young age.

“The teachers are great and just seeing the club logo on their tracksuits inspires the kids to learn and do well. I know I learned a lot.

“We talked about everything from the importance of logos in helping companies become recognised to what they thought the colours of their team kits should be.”

The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation was set up as a charity by the club in 2006 to work on community schemes across north London.