A RAPIST who forced his victim into a Lower Edmonton garage at knifepoint has been jailed indefinitely.

Aliriza Cezmi, 19, of Tranmere Road, confronted the 31-year-old woman last year along a footpath that runs behind houses in his road as she was on her way home from work.

The incident happened on November 10, when the Cypriot, wearing a bandana over his face, stepped out from his garden and threatened her with a knife, forcing her into a garage linked to his house before raping her.

After he forced her back into the alleyway, the victim fled to a friend’s house and rang police, who arrested Cezmi later that night.

After pleading guilty to four counts of rape and one count of possession of an offensive weapon at Wood Green Crown Court yesterday, Cezmi received an indeterminate sentence for public protection, with a minimum of six years before he is considered for parole.

He was also made to sign the sex offenders' register, and will be deported back to Cyprus after completing his sentence.

Detective Constable Simon Chapman, of the Metropolitan Police’s Sapphire Unit, called the attack “violent and callous”, and asked any other victims of Cezmi to come forward.