RAVERS who threw glass bottles at riot police who broke up an illegal party in Enfield last December have been jailed.

Officers shut down the rave at an abandoned warehouse at the Martindale Industrial Estate, in Lincoln Road, in the early hours of December 5 last year after being tipped off that hundreds of people were planning a party.

At Wood Green Crown Court last Wednesday, five men, including 35-year-old Necro McLaughlan, of Croyland Road, Edmonton, were each sentenced to 14 months in prison for violent disorder.

Neighbours in nearby Percival Road told the Enfield Independent the day after the event that when police arrived to tackle groups of people sitting on cars and setting off alarms, a small number clashed with officers and threw objects at them.

Riot police faced a barrage of glass bottles and traffic cones, and had obscenities shouted at them before most of the ravers fled down side roads and the crowd dispersed by around 4am.

The event was organised online, with one forum poster stating: “London ravers! Strictly Scum Dancing from Scumtek is happening now in Lincoln Road, Enfield...if the Old Bill says it's off, it's not.”

Detective Sergeant Kleo Papachristou, of Enfield Police major crimes unit, praised officers who arrested the ravers despite being “outnumbered”.

The other four ravers to be jailed for 14 months for violent disorder were Christopher Hobley, 22, of Redhill, Surrey; Thomas Moon, 22, of Mertsham, Surrey; Barney Clark, 18, of Independent Place, Hackney; and Michael Patrick Stevens, 18, of Caversham, Reading.

The four were also ordered to pay £324 in costs before the end of the year.

Enfield has been no stranger to illicit raves in recent months, with Trent Park being chosen for the all-night parties on several occasions during the summer and a Halloween event at an Enfield cemetery cancelled at the last minute after council warnings.

During an incident in September, the famous obelisk monument in Trent Park was vandalised with graffiti, prompting a hunt for the perpetrator.