A CAMPAIGN will be launched today to stop people spitting on the streets of Enfield.

Enfield Council says it wants to introduce a bye law banning spitting in public, but needs to prove to the Government it is something residents of the borough want.

Councillor Chris Bond is today launching a campaign to get 2,750 people to petition the council to show the strength of feeling on this issue.

He said banning spitting is “a small but important step” to restoring respect and civic pride following August’s riots.

Posters bearing the tagline “Keep Spit In Your Mouth” will be put up across the borough to drive the message home in the meantime.

Cllr Bond added: “I would be gobsmacked if we do not get a great response on this - already I have received positive messages from people not only in Enfield but all over the country who want to see spitting banned.”