HOME Secretary Theresa May has highlighted discipline in schools as a contributing factor to rioting, after visiting the site of a massive warehouse fire in Enfield.

The Maidenhead MP was shown the destroyed Sony Distribution Centre, in Solar Way, by chief police officers and firefighters this morning.

Condemning the criminal behaviour, she conceded there was a wide range of issues the Government now needs to look at in the wake of the civil unrest.

Speaking to the Enfield Independent, she said: “In the here and now it’s very important that we ensure the police are arresting people, the courts are there and the prison places are there.

“Longer term, there is a deeper malaise which we have to deal with. I am now doing some work, which will result in a presentation to Parliament in October on gang culture and looking at how we can deal with it.

“There is a wide range of issues that the Government needs to look at, bringing together departments dealing with issues around discipline in schools, around the behaviour of young people, around parenting. All of these issues we will need to look at.

“We also need to ask ourselves the question about a society where people think it is acceptable to go in and steal from shops in the way people were."

The Home Secretary was also quizzed on how long an extensive police presence could be maintained.

She said: “Even in the best economic circumstances this sort of deployment is not what you would be doing on a normal basis. We will be sustaining the numbers for a period of time, we’ve had some quieter nights, but we’re not complacent about that.

“We will keep the numbers and the police will maintain their tough arrest policy, their presence on the streets.”

She claimed the relationship between the Government and police had not been damaged by David Cameron’s recent criticism of a slow police reaction.

Looking forward, she said: “We are now keen to see that we can help communities recover from what has happened.

“Government is making more money available to help that process for communities and we will be working with communities where these attacks have taken place to ensure they can recover.”

Standing in front of the destroyed Sony warehouse, Theresa May said the visit brought home the extent of devastation and degree of criminality involved in the unrest.

She also praised the brave work of police officers and firefighters who dealt with the riots.